Introduction to me and my bikes


Hey everybody!

I’d like to thank you for coming to my site, page, blog or whatever you want to call it. My name is Jackson, I’m 37 years old and I am a complete motorcycle fanatic as you might have already guessed from the title of this blog. 

In the upcoming posts you will get to know me a little bit better, get to know yourself and your motorcycles a bit better and of course, get to know more about motorcycle sheds, which is what this site is all about..

For me the most depressing thing is when people do not take care of the things they love most, whether it be their family, or even their motorcycle.

I take good care of my family and live for that. Motorcycles are my second biggest passion, so why shouldn’t I take as good care of that as well? Most people don’t do this, at all and it is costing them thousands of dollars a year (I know because I had the same problem) in repairs and whatnot. 

I will be posting articles about simple things that can drastically change your life when it comes to your iron horse, simple steps like buying a good motorcycle shed can completely turn your life around and save you SO much money.

Enough about that though, I will be covering that in future posts like what is a motorcycle shed, how to choose the best motorcycle shed and all kinds of similar, interesting topics.

I will also be posting a story of how I got into riding motorcycles and why I decided to start taking care of it a LOT more as well as some personal information about me and my bikes.

I hope you have good time reading this, at least as good as I’m having writing this. It’s actually really really fun because I love my motorbikes, so speaking about them comes naturally. The thing I suck at however, is talking about myself, so I might be lacking at that a bit.

If you find this remotely interesting or helpful, share it on Facebook, google+ and whatnot.



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