My Journey Into Motorbikes

So an interesting question I get asked quite a lot is why I care so much about taking care of my motorbikes, and how I got into motorcycles in the first place.

The stories are related so let’s start from the beginning…

I was 19 years old and in university, one of my friends always came to school on his motorbike and everyone was staring, looking quite amazed. After talking to him for hours about it, he finally agreed to take me up on a ride.

He gave me a helmet, let me hop behind him and took me home with his motorcycle. I had never gone that fast before, I won’t go into details on how fast.. It was a truly amazing experience, even though I was not driving myself and was just in the back.  He was not  a speeding maniac, it was just that one time where he was speeding to make me love motorcycles even more and show off a bit as well, I guess.

Ever since that I completely fell in love with motorcycles.. A year later I had gotten my driving license and also bought my first motorbike. Me and him would go on motorbike trips on a daily basis, riding hundreds of miles in the wind. The places we’ve been to, it’s just amazing to look back at them and picture them in my head.

We had been riding together for two years and just came back in town from a trip together. I went home and took a shower and he moved onto his house, it had been raining hard for a week and it was that day as well. Four hours later I got a call from the hospital that my friend was there and had had an accident, and I was the last person he had dialed on his phone so they called me.

I rushed there, he was in a critical situation. I’m so happy he didn’t get any permanent damage as the crash had been really bad. He was not speeding, riding recklessly or doing anything wrong, except ONE thing…

He hadn’t been taking care of his motorcycle properly, the engine was fairly rusty. old and it failed while he was driving, there was a tiny explosion involved, apparently and he freaked out, fell really bad and crashed into a parked car.

Ever since that day I’ve been taking intense care of my own motorcycle and have done extensive research on the subject and so has he. It is not worth risking your life over little things like getting a motorcycle shed or building it. That accident could’ve been fatal and it could’ve been avoided if he had taken proper care of his bike…

motorbike engine


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